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The ELSUB electrically powered WROV system delivers outstanding reliability and versatility in a powerful and compact package. The electric thrusters are individually powered and controlled from topside, offering a significantly reduced enviro mental impact by reduction of hydraulic oil volumes while maintaining high power efficiency.

  • Electric-propulsion
  • Work-class ROV
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Electrically Powered ROV
  • System for Drill Support,
  • IMR, Survey and Medium
  • Duty Construction.


  • User -friendly computerized power, control and communications systems
    located topside provide maximum flexibility in configuration and application.
    Additional auxiliary electric power and communications channels are built
    into the system Simple, rugged design together with low component count
    on the ROV and redundancy in the propulsion system contribute to excellent
    continuity of operational service under demanding conditions
  • High power with precise control and instant response
  • Stable, versatile platform for a wide range of tooling and accessories
  • High thruster performance with quiet acoustic signature ideal for survey.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (l x w x h): 2700 mm x 1600 mm x 1800 mm
Depth rating: 2000 m
Weight in air: 3300
Payload capacity: 600 kg
Power: 20 ft fully-integrated workshop/power container supplying 3000V
VFD directly to each thruster independently (400VAC input) Control: 20 ft
electronics lab / control container with pilot control station
Performance: Speed: 3 kts. Thrust: Fore/Aft: 600 kgf; Lateral: 500 kgf;
vertical 200 kgf
Auto functions: Heading ± 1˚ Altitude +/- 100 mm Depth ± 75 mm
Dynamic Positioning: Sonardyne Fusion (Additional) Stand alone
Trim function: Roll ± 10˚ Pitch ± 10˚
Cameras: 1 Kongsberg SIT camera, 1 ROS zoom colour camera on
pan/tilt, 1 mini colour camera (top of vehicle) 1 ROS colour camera
Lights: 2 ROS lights (4 spare channels available) 2 Luxar gas lights
Sonar: Kongsberg MS1000
Depth Sensor: Digiquartz
Altimeter: Tritech PA 200 Precision
Gyro: Tritech iGC Gyro Compass
Manipulators: 1 Whittaker M5 5-function / Rigmaster
1 Schilling Orion 7-function / Shilling T4
Thrusters: 4 horizontal vectored and 3 vertical independently powered
and controlled thrusters. Each thruster rated at 15kVA max.
Manipulators HPU: Standard 18kVA - to power manipulators and
clean-system auxiliary equipment (e.g. camera booms, aux. P&T)
Tooling HPU: Standard 18kVA available. Optional 35kVA.
Valve pack: 4 spare NG3 proportional valves with proportional pressure
control (clean HPU) Multiple connectors available for additional external
Video: Vigra Video logger Video overlay, signal distribution centre and
multi-screen wall display
Survey: Additional Survey pod may be fitted as requested by costumer