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Submarine pipes (pressurised, intake and outlet pipes)

Submarine pipes (pressurised,
intake and outlet pipes)

Seløy Undervannsservice perform services in submarine pipes such as pressurised, intake and outlet pipes .
Submarine pipe engineering projects
Our project managers have comprehensive experience in engineering and have carried out both large and smaller projects. You can count on our expertise in submarine pipes, and precise planning ensures that everything is completed as agreed upon, and at a low cost.

See some of our previous work:

Design and calculation of forces during laying of submarine pipes
As a turnkey engineering company we conduct secure planning and calculation of the process of laying submarine pipes. We make sure everything goes according to plan without any harm on people, equipment or pipe.
Laying of submarine pipes on seabed
During laying of submarine pipes the flexibility of the pipe will be utilized. The laying is controlled by air intake. We perform a secure and safe laying and make sure no harm is done to the pipes.
After laying we will conduct a survey of the pipe to make sure the pipe lies safely and in place. This is done by diver or ROV. This control will uncover any items that could damage the pipe or cause early wear.
seloy laying submarine pipe
ROV Survey
The Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle ROV V8 Sii utilizes high technology for inspection, observation, search, survey and small works. V8 Sii has a working depth of 500 meters. In connection to submarine pipe work, we perform the following services:
Operator and crew can follow the mission status in real-time, and the unique configuration allows for precise maneuvering. A position system like GPS or UPS (Underwater Positioning System) can be mounted for high location accuracy.
rov survey mapping submarine pipe
Cleaning/washing of pipes under water
Seløy Undervannsservice conduct cleaning of intake and outlet pipes. Pipes will need regular cleaning. The frequency depends on several factors, such as if the pipe lies in freshwater or not.
Mounting of concrete weights on submarine pipes
Submarine pipes and cables are often dependent on weights. The pipes are often lighter than water or filled with air and therefore needs added weight to sink to the seabed. We usually mount weights of concrete, with protection between the pipe and the weight.
Cathodic protection of submarine pipes
Cathodic protection is a method for corrosion protection of metals. Corrosion is the general name of the phenomenon of oxidation of metals, and often occurs on metal when it comes in contact with water. Rust and irrigation are examples of corrosion. We perform cathodic protection of the submarine pipe so our customers can avoid spending large sums of money on regular inspections and corrosion improvements.
Securing submarine pipe in landfall and shoreline
Submarine cables and pipes should be secured at landing/shoreline. We often recommend digging down the pipe at landing so that the pipe is protected from outside surroundings like waves and ice.
securing submarine pipes shoreline landfall
Installation of signs on land and under water
We install warning and information signs for protection of subsea pipes. The signs ensure safe traffic and prohibits anchoring in the area.
Turnkey submarine cable project
Seløy Undervannsservice perform turnkey projects in submarine pressurised, intake and outlet pipe services. We are a maritime entrepreneur who manage the project from start to finish. Our project managers, captains, divers and other talented crew carry out projects safely and cost efficiently with top of the art equipment and vessels.
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